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30 November 2018 Shop Review
9 December 2018

Each month, new steroid selling sites show up online. One of them is more and more in the spotlight:

As usual, to find out if this site is a serious one, I pretended as a simple client. And here is the result of my experience with mega-steroids.

First, this site is aimed more at an English-speaking public, as it is available only in English.

Only this makes it rather restricted.

Feedback of its catalogue :

Like many sites, mega-steroids offer a wide range of sports supplements: injectable and oral anabolic steroids, stimulants, cycle protection, growth hormone, Epo, HCG and even peptides.

We can, therefore, find products for all the objectives and all user profiles.

The diversity of products is an important factor. But brands that are marketed are just as important or even more.

The site chose to offer only 5 brands. What may seem a narrow range. In addition, this choice was not focused on the main influential brands of the moment, but rather on safe and effective brands. These are, basically, Alpha-Pharma, Cooper, Eminence Labs and Hilma.

Our big surprise came when discovering the fifth brand: nothing more and nothing less than Myogen. The reference mark of the moment.

The fact that Mega Steroids is an official Myogen dealer shows its commitment to the market of genuine products and not counterfeits.


Payment methods:

Like any serious website, mega-steroids offer reliable and secure methods: Bitcoin, credit card through Paybis, Western Union and MoneyGram.


My order:

For this first order, I prefer AnaGen Myogen. I came across a brief, but very professional product file that includes the essential information. There is no unnecessary argument here. Each product sheet clearly explains the effects of the product.

To place an order, we must open a customer account on the site.

Then we choose our product and add it to our cart. Nothing too complex, even for someone who does not speak very good English. The site is very fluid in terms of navigation.

Here, as in any serious site, Mega-steroids offers express delivery and express delivery with insurance. The insurance fee is only 8% of the total amount of the order, so we choose to receive our products safely.

This insurance gets customers protected against the loss or seizure of their package. A very good service!

For my part, I received my package after 9 days. Not bad in terms of time frame. We are far from having to endure a wait of months like some customers on other places! My package was extremely discreet. My product was delivered in its original box, but very well camouflaged. Frankly, we have to congratulate them! No one could have suspected the contents of the package.


The little extras of the site that I appreciate:

  • Its superior product according to the objectives: these superior products by objective allow to know immediately which product is the most convenient one for a precise objective. Very useful when you are in the beginning of a supplementation.


  • Its blog: there are not many articles yet, but there are very good quality ones.

The mega-steroids website makes deliveries to all parts of the globe. The site is simple but reliable at the same time, it offers quality products, fast delivery and efficient customer service.

It would be more popular if it was available in other languages.

Note moyenne des utilisateurs :


  1. Léon says:

    Have been on for a few weeks now. Was taking a different brand prior….have noticed no difference in my progress or sides since switching. So, I am satisfied.

  2. Vinicio says:

    you wont be disappointed if you spend your money here brother well worth it!

  3. Georges says:

    Each step in the process was updated as it took place.

  4. Jack says:

    Packaged discretely, fitted in mailbox so didn’t need to stay at home to receive the package. Got multiple tracking codes so I could track each package individually.

  5. William says:

    Package was secure and had no issues receiving. Took care of the goods for sure.

  6. Alexander says:

    Turn around was just at 2 weeks after order was placed. Packaging was discreet & very secure.

  7. Arnaud says:

    Communication and support are always super. I can either pm them on here or email and always get a response.

  8. Lucas says:

    Will definitely keep ordering here. Good prices, good communication and good gear! Highly recommended!

  9. BettyBoop31 says:

    By nature worried, I want to follow my order closely.
    For each stage, they provide me with the necessary information to reassure me of its evolution. This is essential when you offer this kind of service.

  10. Ronald says:

    Communication was professional, concise and done quickly. Decided to switch a payment method after submitting order and was given details a few hours later. No hiccups, easy.

  11. Jader says:

    Long standing, consistent source that I will continue to use for the foreseeable future.

  12. Raphaël says:

    Communication was excellent. Every question I asked was answered within hours. They updated me along every step of the way in the process. Just A+ all around. Very polite n professional.


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