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20 March 2015
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5 June 2015

What is Turinabol?

Developed in the ’60s by Jenapharm, Turinabol is an oral anabolic steroid and was the number 1 doping product of the GDR (the former German Democratic Republic).

For many, Turinabol (or t-bol as it is called) is an anabolic steroid in its own right. But all the same, I’m choosing to talk about it here.

Here’s why:

Turinabol is a derivation of Dianabol with an additional chlorine atom.





l-Dehydro- 17a-methyltestosterone

TuriGen Turinabol Myogenlabs

Faced with the strong competition that characterized the Olympic Games and national sporting events, experts in East Germany researched effective steroids that allowed them to circumvent the anti-doping test policies that applied to these sports. They opted for a methylated version of 4-chlorotestosterone, also known as Oral-Turinabol.

As you can see, T-bol is a variant of our famous Dianabol.

This product, unlike Dianabol, does not cause water retention and is less androgenic (at a milligram per milligram ratio it is 40 times LESS androgenic than Dianabol).

On a scale from 1 to 100 its androgenic action is merely 6.

Another (big) advantage of this product is chlorine substitution: this prevents the molecule from interacting with aromatase. Therefore there is neither gynecomastia nor DHT conversion. Let’s be clear, the side effect risks are truly limited.

Unlike its cousin Dianabol, t-bol will not provide you with large mass gains and volume but it will bring quality gains.

The results obtained are characterized especially by solid and sustainable increases in muscle and strength.

The athlete will not experience an extreme bulking usually appearing with testosterone, Dianabol or even Androlic. I repeat, with T-bol, you can be sure of the quality over quantity.


Characteristics of Turinabol:

Anabolic effect: moderate.
Androgenic effect: little to none.

Turinabol Usage:

Recommended treatment: 6 weeks (more is harmful to the liver)
Metabolism: hepatic
Half-life: 8 hours (taken over the course of the day)
Water retention: no
Aromatization: no

Side Effects of Turinabol:

Low libido (rarely)
Acne (rarely)
Modification of lipid profile (to compensate)
Hepato toxicity (17-alpha alkyl: difficult for the liver to metabolize).
Altered HPTA (to be restored in PCT).


Sample Turinabol Treatment:


TURINABOL 4 – 6 weeks

  • Take 3 Samarin tablets per day (begin one week before and finish one week after)
  • Take 4 Turinabol tablets per day
  • For recovery take 1 Clomid and 1 Nolvadex per day for 20 days



  • Take 3 Samarin tablets per day (begin one week before and finish one week after)
  • Take 5 Turinabol tablets per day (weeks 1 to 6)
  • Take 3 Anavar tablets per day (weeks 2 to 6)
  • For recovery take 1 Clomid and 1 Nolvadex per day for 20 days


turinabol-10-mg-50-tabs alpha pharmaWhether you are a beginner or regular user, Turinabol is a product that will bring you quality mass gains all while limiting side effects. 

Be sure to protect your liver and make a quality recovery.

labMyoGen Labs
Swiss Remedies
Magnus Pharmaceuticals
container100 tabs
dosage20 to 80mg/day
50 – 7020 to 40mg/day
70 – 9030 to 60mg/day
90+40 to 80mg/day
intake10mg or 20 every 3 hours
protectionHepatic protection
Anti-estrogen (Arimidex)
pctClomid + Nolvadex
effect +Very anabolic
Mass gain
Strength gain
Rapid gains 
effect –Risk of liver and kidney stress 
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